Be Patient

One of the biggest threats to social media use inside businesses is lack of patience. There is a lot of pressure to “deliver”. This pressure will kill attempts to be social. Be patient. Be patient when people don’t join your system fast enough. Be patient when people don’t learn as quickly as you expect. Be patient when people get things wrong. Be patient with yourself when you make mistakes.

6 thoughts on “Be Patient

  1. The problem is that businesses tend to be focused on an immediate ROI/profit over short term campaigns, not patiently building longterm stuff for the future.The only time I think you could probably get away with using the word campaign in reference to social media is if you're referring to a war lasting at least 100 years…


  2. Well said Euan-completely agree with every word on the blog. With current focus on quarterly profits, increasing pressure to deliver leads, businesses are willing to engage in social media only if it promises instant ROI. But forget the 'engagement' opportunity with existing and potential customers.


  3. Euan, I would also add we need patience because the the rate of adoption of social platform by different groups within an enterprise differ. Success examples from one business unit does not mean other units are benefiting from it. I think the real challenge is how do you define what is considered success at an enterprise-wide level? Is a few examples good enough? Do you mean we need to be patient and build up many good examples overtime? How should we (practitioners) tackle the impatient expectation of our exec sponsors while we know that there is no short cut? Love to hear your thoughts.


  4. Hi BonnieI am not sure anyone really thinks at an enterprise level do they? Most think at a local level – including those at the top. So long as the tools make a difference to enough people at enough levels they begin to see benefit and have patience as the thing grows. It is probably to late but not making a lot of noise about what you are doing helps with the expectations. Better to creep up on people and surprise them I reckon.


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