Year of 2001

The intensity of the relationships you establish when you first get into things are never really repeated. I get nostalgic for that first flush of enthusiasm for blogging – a bit like your first year at secondary school or at university. The friendships you make in those times tend to stick with you for life. Blogging is the same.

4 thoughts on “Year of 2001

  1. Having just arrived home from a 35-year reunion with my first *social circles* formed as I entered the world-without-parents-and-the-usual-constraints (which was a whole other form of finding my voice and identity, eerily similar to starting blogging in late '01), I can say …Indeed !It's where you start to interact with your real interests, both as intentions and as responses. Which means you have to discover .. what are your real interests, what are their scope and depth, and what do they mean to who you are and why you are doing what you are doing.It's interesting to me these days to watch the ongoing blending, merging and separations of my online life and my non-online life, and what tools, platforms and dynamics I use (or find myself being made to use) for which kinds of communications with a relatively wide range of people.


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