Yesterday I responded to yet another person criticising the “mindless dribble” [sic] of Twitter.

Moments ago I listened to Bernie Goldbach’s Audioboo about a new arrival and was touched by his attention to detail – not about the baby but about the condensation on the inside of his car window!

I then scanned emails from 2005 as I archived them out of my main mailbox. It was like watching a timelapse of my life.

I often quote Rob Paterson’s phrase “the intensity of the mundane” but it is worth restating that it is the little things that make life real and understandable – not the big exciting things that we are coached to value by the media.

2 thoughts on “Minutiae

  1. I have in the past referred to both the university of and the temple of the mundane. It's not by accident that most of the world's great philosophies have menial work somewhere in their quest for knowledge, or that the great faiths all have a simple meal as a key sacrament. Sharing in the poetic minutae of each others lives can be sacramental, secular or otherwise. A conduit and context for deeper understanding. Good thoughts!


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