My fantasy

A business where everyone blogs. Everyone thinks about what they are doing and writes about what they are doing. From the top to the bottom, the edges to the middle. Everyone awake and bouncing off each other intellectually as they get more and more effective at whatever they do.

12 thoughts on “My fantasy

  1. Sounds like a great idea on paper, the problem is that the objective of such an exercise would be to boost knowledge creation and productivity. Blogging is but one way of achieving this, and blogging would not be the optimal way for everyone to assist with their thinking process, people operate differently. Blogging should be a service provided, but by no means forced.


  2. (singin') I'll be there…to "blog" and "shape" the world…the honour would of course be all mine…thank q for this dream…


  3. As long as the verb "blog" is used in a larger sense .. as in acknowledging and working with the notion that different people have different needs and styles for communicating and seeking, sharing and using information. Some peoples' blogging is mostly lurking with the odd comment, some people are sure to exist in a read-only mode, others may find the groups there in or organization helping them stay focused or on-topic (including polite ways of saying "you're being a git"). Much like the various modes and styles encountered in meetings and other 'work' activities adults carry out all day long.It'd be like communicating with each other and with groups (and within groups) with face-to-face communications, telephone, email and whatever else … except better. Work-related information and exchanges, hung there inside the firewall to dry and for anyone and everyone to look up, refer to, use, or ask about, etc.Done well and with a few perspicacious moderators, it might even seem like a re-organizing and de-cluttering of the place (I know that seems and sounds counter-intuitive, but think about it.Anyway .. like the idea / fantasy .. and I think there must be room in that verb left for those who don't write or say much, but do indeed care about what they and their organization(s) are doing.


  4. I know you did not. I did not choose my words carefully enough, then. I think it's a great addition to a panoply of tools for communications, and I also strongly believe that blogging as a form of interactive communications offers significant potential for learning and growth in effectiveness that is often not as easily available with the other existing forms of communications. The potential to effect some real change in culture, as your fantasy describes, is certainly IMO augmented through the more widespread use of blogging and other closely related online communications and online publication, sharing, retrieval, commenting and reference.


  5. I have to say that my former employers at Absolute Radio are pretty close to that – plenty of different members of the team are blogging at the blog, about everything from award nominations to rerouting the phone cables (My personal favourite).I don't think necessarily everyone has to blog externally all the time – that might be more suitable for companies which are able to differentiate different spheres of their business e.g. Dell having a gaming section, an education section etc, and there are certain areas which are definitely trickier – ad sales, the legal dept, HR etc… But the more that can be shared internally and externally, the better it is…And one thing I did love about Absolute Radio is that everyone definitely was encouraged to not only feed into what they were personally doing, but also get involved in other areas – so the receptionist was also trained and able to shoot red carpet event videos for example. It was all voluntary and had a real impact on bringing people together…Mind you, in my marketing/content agency, the entire team is definitely blogging all the time – because at the moment it's just me!


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