Words, words, words.

I love words. I love sucking them in and I love spewing them out. I am currently reading three “real” books, a couple of Kindle books, and Audible books and podcasts. I can’t cram the things in fast enough.

Some of the books I am reading are also about how I can spew them out better too. I’ve learned to touch type and, using The Pomodoro Technique to focus, I can turn out 1000 words every half an hour or so.

I am turning into a lean, mean, writing machine and just loving it!

2 thoughts on “Words, words, words.

  1. Good for you – 1k per half hour would make any student envious!I like the Pomodoro technique too. Have you gone for a full kitchen timer? I settled with an app on my phone that makes the ticking noise 🙂


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