When is a blog not a blog?

Q. When is a blog not a blog?
A. When it is a blog post

There is not much that brings out the pedant in me but when people refer to a blog post as a blog it drives me nuts! I get caught out all the time when someone says “Have you seen my new blog?” and I think they have set up a whole new blog when in fact all they have done is write a blog post! A blog is the whole blog with all its posts and a blog post is a post – OK!

8 thoughts on “When is a blog not a blog?”

  1. This issue really brings out the pedant in me, too! I fear, as David suggests, that a 'blog, made up of blogs' may come to be the acceptable formulation in future…


  2. I thought the answer was going to be 'When the posts are moderated'. It annoys me when you post a comment and then there is a delay so when your comment comes through it looks quite out of context. What is even more annoying is when you have to add your email address but cannot add a URL so the reader is not able to find out anything about who you are. (Newspaper websites and BBC are both quite guilty of both.)But yeah you're right. "Have you seen my new blog?" Quite confusing and ultimately a little annoying.


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