Feel the fear …

Funny how things come together sometimes to remind you of the obvious.

First I read Dominic Campbell’s account of the incidents that happened around the march in London on Saturday. I was unsure of some of the rights and wrongs on both sides of what happened but felt almost envious of the intensity of the situation.

Second I met some potential clients today who hope to do something that I consider brave with social media – but which is also really interesting and has not been done much before if at all. I felt a mix of fear and excitement on their behalf.

Third I watched Merlin Mann’s talk at Webstock in New Zealand which he called Scared Shitless. I found myself not sure about the talk but drawn in by his bravery at doing it. It reminded me a bit of the feeling of intimidation I felt when I did my Do Lecture last year.

The pressure on us, both from ourselves and others, to take the easy route, give in to our fears, and not risk disapproval or ridicule is constant and insidious. But I know, and need to keep constantly reminding myself, that I will regret the things I didn’t do more than the things I did ….

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