Reciprocity and respect

Martin Weller today remembered and tweeted about a fine post of his on the subject of reciprocity and how we build and maintain learning networks.

Reading it made me realise what is wrong with much of the corporate use of social tools – namely the lack of respect shown to customers.

Reciprocity relies on mutual respect. When you are treating me as a statistic, or worse a target, I don’t feel respected and have little inclination to reciprocate.

Why should I re-tweet your tweets or like your Facebook page when you won’t even tell me your name?

2 thoughts on “Reciprocity and respect

  1. This is true in so many other respects as well, Euan. I just posted my thoughts on this very thing (not reciprocity, but respect) based in part on the video you shared on FB from a student you know. I am continually amazed at how difficult it seems to be for so-called "leaders" to trust the people they're ostensibly leading. The urge to command and control – which I'm convinced is one of social media's fattest targets – remains strong in many people and organizations. I guess your suggestion it will take a half century for real change to take place is damn prescient! It was you, wasn't it?


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