8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog

  1. Hi Euan! Well, that means you must be one of the old f*rts on the Internet Blogosphere! 😛 Seriously, that's a *huge* achievement, mate! Congratulations! And here's to another 10 years of inspiration coming along! As sharp as always! Please do keep feeding us! We need the daily juice of inspiration! hehe


  2. Would that I had found you a decade ago. That's about when I was first made aware of blogging by a colleague and fellow member of our KM team at (what was then) Boeing Canoga Park. I might have understood the value a little quicker as I was in aerospace, an industry that still struggles with any aspect of social media and, as far as I know (I'm not including NASA here) has no blog presence to speak of, let alone a real social media strategy for reaching their "real" customers – the taxpaying people of the U.S. Enough about me and the silly country I rode in on.Congratulations. As my friend Luis (with whom I haven't talked in far too long) says, that is ". . . a *huge* achievement . . ." You are an inspiration Euan and I'm thankful for your presence in the vanguard; helping people understand the web. Indeed! Keep it up.


  3. I love seeing when people reach blogging milestones like this. Well done and here's to another 10 years and more! : )Did you celebrate the landmark? I did when I reached my first year, with a bottle of personalised champagne. My friends were happy that I was celebrating the anniversary of my blog, because they got a glass of bubbly too!


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