My first blog post

I knew I started blogging around this time of year in 2001 but thanks to a server crash in December 2001 I had no record of my first blog post. I tried The Wayback Machine but couldn’t remember the original url. I had tried various searches on Google and using Devon Agent but with no success but then I remembered that Ev Williams, who started Blogger and now Twitter, had made me a “Blog of Note” on the front page of Blogger in 2002. A search for that got me my old url and The Wayback Machine then came up with the goods.

So my first ever blog posts are preserved here and I began on the 3rd of March 2001. On day three I said:

“I started feeling a bit uneasy about this blog today. Who will ever read it and what will those who do think?”

Ten years later I am still wondering …..

19 thoughts on “My first blog post

  1. I realised something after Wiki Wednesday the other evening. I watched you listen to me with your whole attention. Even if you were drifting off, you never showed it.I thought about that on the way home. In my desire to be heard and understood, I become "self interested in the way that most of us do without even thinking about it" – to quote you from your 4th April post. I decided on the way home to practice listening and that includes listening to what people are trying to say online too.Your posts, for me, usually spark off thoughts and reflections. It just so happens that reading your April 4th 2001 entry brought to mind a recent interaction we had in person. I hesitate to call it a conversation, since I did not allow you to get many words in edgeways …


  2. I saw your post Rob and it brought back memories of trying to get Radio Userland to work! Yes – funny how people who disparage online friendships don't realise what they are missing.


  3. I think that makes you a veteran :-)Very interesting to read, particularly the March 7th post about public service which seems to me to be easily as applicable today as it was back then. Will you be having a blog birthday party next month? Here's to another 10 years!


  4. I don't know what these people are talking about. We all know you are bluffing. 'But that's not what he said—he distinctly said "To blave" and as we all know, to blave means to bluff, heh? ' – Miracle Max


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