“What will people think of me?”

Even after coming up ten years of blogging this flashes through my mind before every blog post or tweet. We shouldn’t underestimate how much of a hurdle this is to the many who have yet to write that “Hello world” post – and why it is worth helping them.

4 thoughts on ““What will people think of me?”

  1. Agreed but what I think is also incredible are the number of people who blog without ever considering what people might think of them.As an expat I read a lot of blogs from fellow expats eager to blog their adventures for the folks back home. Unfortunately they can forget sometimes that their writing has a potentially much wider readership.Taking, as I do, the attitude that anything public is meant to be public I have added comments or shared links only to have faced the attitude that my reading of their blog is akin to stalking.Elsewhere an American director of a tourism company who spends her day promoting Vietnam wrote in her personal blog that it was an "assbackwards shithole". Eventually that was removed when it was suggested it wasn't a smart move.However with more and more sophisticated aggregation and ability information can be found and shared quickly. Many of us write to be noticed and to share – many others have never even considered that anyone might read what they have to say.


  2. I remember the first time I posted online. I delayed sending that post for 30+ hours. I edited it and re-read it, and worried some more. After it was done I checked my mail ever 2 hours for 24 hours (Getting up in the night.). Nothing. No reaction at all. Zero. Since then I've realised that's the fate of most posts. I do still worry about what I write. I often have an opinion that's not quite what other people are thinking. I try to be plain, to keep it simple. But sometimes I'm on the edge of what I know, so maybe I'm not easy to understand. We do what we can do today. Be happy with that. If I find I'm misunderstood, I try to learn the lesson from that. Move on.


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