In it for the long game

I often wonder when the social media bubble will burst. I have no doubt it will burst – just a matter of when. However the impact of the web on business will continue to grow and will do so for many years to come. We are only at the start of seeing its full consequences and lots of people will need lots of help in coming to terms with its profound effect on their working lives.

9 thoughts on “In it for the long game

  1. That "social media" "E 2.0" "Web 2.0" have all been turned into things. Things that people feel pressured to get involved with and which drive a lot of hype and noise. That will eventually abate and the words will seem archaic but the web will still be there doing what it does.


  2. The current "social media/E2.0/Web 2.0" monikers and the (currently) disruptive technologies and systems they represent will be disrupted in kind by something else and topple (with a bit of luck taking those cringeworthy phrases with them). What (hopefully) will emerge will be the beginnings of true "clouds" – not the god awful virtualisation and utility computing models infrastructure vendors keep trying to hawk as clouds but the real deal. All, as you say Euan, just the "Web" growing up 😉


  3. Euan, the web was there "doing what it does" before social media/ web 2.0 I am still not sure what you mean and your terms are very vague.If you’re saying that incessant dissection of it and the buzz will die then I agree. The problem with social media, I’ve always maintained, is that too much of it is used to talk about social media. But if you’re saying that people will stop using tools that can instantly publish their thoughts or they’ll stop peer-sharing or that journalists will no longer see the benefits of crowd sourcing information then I disagree.What is now still considered new will become common place. Hopefully the talking will stop and we’ll continue to find new uses for the tools.I also think that while there remains an emphasis on the "next big thing" I think that perhaps we’ve already got the bases covered. There may be new tools and new platforms but they’ll essentially do what blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc already do.Again these platforms may die but social media won’t.


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