Trojan Mice

In my workshops I use the idea of Trojan Mice to convey the principle that progress in social media is more likely to happen in incremental steps rather than in a big rush. This applies to both adoption and the introduction of technology.

The idea isn’t original to me but I came across it when I was getting going with this stuff many years ago. It is actually credited to Peter Fryer and you can read more about it here.

2 thoughts on “Trojan Mice

  1. JP Rangaswami, who tweets as jobsworth, introduced me to the concept of mouse droppings, as the path you make across websites, a colourful alternative to bread crumbs. Not sure this is relevant to your point though :-)One thought that might be more relevant is that little increments are strange things. If one person takes up an idea and persuades two more to do so over the course of a week, and they do the same. Then over a year you have everyone in the world alive and dead taking up the idea. Its more a question of how quickly the increments happen.


  2. Indeed. And the reason I mention this principle is that people are under pressure to do big social media things in a hurry and this rarely works. It is tempting to continue JP’s scatological metaphor into bigger piles of shit around the place but I will resist ….


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