One at a time please

Yesterday, while listening to yet another group of people considering how to get others involved in the use of social media, I came up with the following tweet with which I was rather pleased and which I would like to share here:

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no matter what you are trying to achieve social media adoption happens one person at a time and for their reasons not yoursless than a minute ago via Echofon

4 thoughts on “One at a time please

  1. I like this.I hear so many 5-part strategies and 9-box SM matrices. Those only feed the paralysing fear of doing it wrong.I boil it down to two rules: Have fun. Help someone.


  2. With good reason. You’re right. We can artfully nudge but in the end it’s up to the adopter and they won’t do it for you.


  3. You are right to be pleased with it :)If the first question is ‘what do our customers want to achieve’, then maybe the second is about how to create the conditions where people can make this happen through small social media ‘epiphanies’ – starting out with those small things where loads of permissions are not required. This happens in one-to-one conversations, or small groups – rather than at conferences.


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