Just another day

As I woke this morning I found myself wondering what it would be like if, rather than this being Saturday, I was waking up to “just another day” What if instead of having the definition and shape of weeks months and years we had “just another day”. What if we started at number one and counted? How would I feel if I was waking up to number 18240? (I tried to work out leap years and gave up!) Would I behave any differently?

Just a thought ….

9 thoughts on “Just another day

  1. Coincidence … synchronicity … an accident of moment … teenie tendrils of mandelbrot space in profound isolation …… when I loaded this page from your tweet I had a video loading in the background:"Reflections on Being with Dying" with Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD.When I’m properly "on my seat", not always but sometimes, the next breath (literally) is like sipping fine tea. Just another cup of fine tea? heh … okie dokie!__{*}__


  2. Or you could select a reasonable date at which you might expect to have led a completed life (say, seventy-five or eighty years), and count down toward it. That might lend a note of urgency to the days that remain.


  3. Driving between Philadelphia and Delaware this afternoon, I noticed a Heineken billboard advertisement which said:"Sometimes Saturday is Better on a Tuesday."This post came to mind …


  4. I’ve been wondering for several years what it would be like if we just dumped the whole concept of time measurement altogether. So much of our lives seems to be dragged against the constantly ticking clock, and increasingly the clock itself has a deterimental effect on us in terms of pressure and worry.No more "must be done by COP Tuesday", no more "another 6 days until payday", no more "I’ve got a two hour meeting followed by an hour meeting on the other side of the building – will I get there on time…must leave early…"But, the flipside would be no looking forward to that wedding day, that holiday, taking the kids swimming, or the end of the working day. Not to mention the extra stress we would cause physicists by removing the 4th dimension….:-)


  5. I go with Pete C.I forget my own birthday (and I have a daughter who, I’m glad to say also forgets my birthday) plus my wedding anniversary (as does my wife).Having spent 20+ years in radio and working to the zero second I am so glad to have been able to ditch the watch, which i never wear unless I’m travelling and need to catch planes etc. Our ancestors lived hundreds of years with no more time watching than the seasons. It may not be a bad thing to return to that scale.


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