To boldly go …

It is more and more apparent to me just what a leap of faith social media represents for the people I work with. The technology isn’t the biggest hurdle, and people are attracted to the possibilities, but it is fear of the unknown that represents the greatest challenge. Not understanding the possible consequences of their actions and having to move away from familiar and comfortable behaviours is a non-trivial challenge. The onus is on me is to remember just how scary it can feel.

6 thoughts on “To boldly go …

  1. From a tweet next to yours Euan: @tferriss "A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." – Ralph Waldo Emersonor simply:"I am." Consciousness awakens


  2. Wise words, especially since I’ve often heard you voice your frustration about clients who find it difficult to let go of control. A world in which everybody has a voice poses very big challenges for managers, whose work is about aggregating opinions, filtering, (possibly censoring) and making decisions. You only have to look at the amount of anxiety that’s been generated by the hung parliament.


  3. Hi Euan,Charlene Li just made a thoughtful and detailed response to my blog post ‘Open Leadership + Enterprise 2.0: the practices that can make them real’ here: talk in the blog about just what a difficult leap it is to overcome the organisational defences to move to Enterprise 2.0/Open Leadership/Model 2.I mostly talk about leadership – a favourite topic of yours – so do take a look, if you get a spare moment…The fear of change, of learning new behaviours, might often really be a fear of embracing a new stage in leadership maturity.These changes in mindset can be really wrenching, and few really understand what you’re going through…Matthew Mezey(Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals)


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