3 thoughts on “Social Media Revolution 2

  1. Hi Euan,Just thought you might be interested in a (long) blog post of mine I just now put up on the topic of ‘Open Leadership + Enterprise 2.0: the practices that can make them real’It’s here: http://bit.ly/bJraEVIt's kind of about some of the deeper changes that need to happen – the missing practices – if Enterprise 2.0 is ever to become a reality.I was going to include some of your comments, but decided they might complicate an already over-complicated blog post even further… ;-)Cheers,Matthew Mezey


  2. Interesting and well-articulated essay, Matthew. I’ve read it relatively quickly (and will retrn to go through it more carefully). I am heartened to see parallels with thoughts I and others have had regarding a framework for leadership and management that draws on, or returns to, some of the core principles of organisational development and continuous learning.


  3. Hi Jon H,Glad you liked it – I was kind of heartened myself to see Andrew McAfee making the link to Argyris’ work so central.Do take a look at the interesting comment Charlene Li just added to my blog posting.Indeed, why not post a comment there yourself? (No need to log in).Cheers,Matthew


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