When boring is interesting

In conversation recently a potential client was diffident about using twitter or blogging about their products because they saw themselves as boring compared to “glamorous” brands such as Coke. I suggested that in fact the opposite was true, I find the bland messages of corporations like Coke unconvincing and mind numbing whereas finding out about the products and services I rely on day to can be really interesting.

As I reflected in this answer on Linkedin I see this as another example of what Rob Paterson called “the intensity of the mundane”. In the right circumstances nerdiness and passion about even “boring” subjects can be really fascinating.

2 thoughts on “When boring is interesting

  1. Exactly! I remember my 2 projects back in 2002, when I was working as a presales engineer for an IT services company: one project was for a client in the music industry and the other one… well, about manufacturing bitumen layers. Contrary to the expectations of my colleagues, who were eager to learn about the former, the latter was one the most exciting pieces of business knowledge I’ve ever learned, and a great experience as well.


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