@HeathrowAirport ‘s Finest Hour

I have been following the tweets from @HeathrowAirport over the past few days as one of my main ways of keeping up with the volcanic ash flight ban. I am the first to have a go at corporate use of Twitter when it is badly done or inappropriate so I just wanted to record what a cracking job they have done.

I have no idea who is behind it but they have got just the right balance between information and personality. You get the feeling there is a real person behind the account but they are not trying to be everyone’s mate. There is a lot of valuable, timely information being imparted but there is not so much that you start to tune it out. I have particularly enjoyed the obvious enthusiasm with which they have described the novelty of being able to inspect the runways in daylight and their genuine relief today when people started flying again.

Other businesses considering using Twitter should watch and learn.

2 thoughts on “@HeathrowAirport ‘s Finest Hour

  1. Very much agree Euan. Particularly the post on April 20th:@HeathrowAirport A huge thank you to all our passengers for their patience – we feel for you. Next update in around half an hour #ashtagThat was as genuine as you could get.


  2. I agree, Euan: its the balance between personality and information. I think the only other corporate twitter stream that could be credited with similar praise, in my experience, is @vodafoneuk Where @heathrowairport has it easier than the average corporate twitter presence is that (during the ashtag crisis) it hasn’t had the responsibility of curing customer problems/complaints although their personality and care have soothed and doused many flames. Too many corporates have a too few people on the other end of the twitter account, not empowered or connected to the organisation and I feel sorry for them. @vodafoneuk are proactive, friendly and totally hooked into the customer service organisation and seldom look foolish on twitter, unlike @btcare or @02 to name two of the bad bunch.


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