A magic moment with AKMA

I know I go on about how wonderful the web is but having just had a really, really nice evening with AKMA, having known him for nearly nine years but never having “met” I am yet again blown away by its power to connect people. The way we immediately felt at ease and the warmth in our friendship makes a mockery of those who say online is somehow secondary to face to face as a way of establishing relationships.


We covered everything from politics, to religion to, yes, sex and in a way that I just didn’t want to stop. As I said to the two young ladies sitting at the table next to us who we asked to take this photo – they had been witness to what, certainly for me, was a magic moment.

6 thoughts on “A magic moment with AKMA”

  1. Euan, I’m so glad to see someone else (a Brit, no less!) unashamed to talk about this offline magic thanks to the internet. It’s been such a huge part of my life and it rankles when people are dismissive and sneering as if it doesn’t exist. I love how happy you guys look!


  2. Right you are Euan. Having just had coffee (no picture!) with you last week in London after mostly conversing at a distance via Twitter and the occasional blog comment – I was struck that the power of the web is its ability to connect people to people (not just to inert documents).Best,Josh


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