Parallel Universes

Watching my kids as they get older I am reminded of my own childhood and how different your experience of the passage of time is when you are young from what it is as an adult.

Noodling away Saturdays, doing nothing in particular on the frequently grey, wet days of my home town they seemed to last forever. Lying in front of a coal fire watching Scottish football, or if I was really lucky Rallycross, on our black and white television felt as if it would never end.

I imagine this is how my kids experience their time now. What a shame mine is flashing past in the blink of an eye.

3 thoughts on “Parallel Universes

  1. I think about this often. My son is a fan of things well laid out for him, with instructions (not like Mechano w/ intentionally faulty instructions). The ability to watch a full football match (with out stating I’m bored), go for long walks, build Lego to see what he can build, etc. is something I hope will come, but fear it may be lost.


  2. Funnily enough most of my childhood was spent at cold, windswept locations like Brands Hatch and Lydden Hill watching the Rallycross live… At the time it was a mixture of excitement with long periods of bored waiting around and playing in between.Now when I get the chance to go and watch some motorsport, the periods of relaxing in between races is as much appreciated as the racing itself – although I’m still not a fan of being cold and wet all day!


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