Congratulations to NYK

One of my clients, the shipping firm NYK Group, have won Gold this year in the communication and collaboration section of the Intranet Innovations Awards. The following is snipped from the competition summary:

At a glance

NYK Group’s business is global shipping and it’s one of the world’s leading transportation companies with over 770 shipping vessels.

The NYK News Room is wiki-based, and thus multi-faceted in its content, subscription options and viewing opportunities. It provides numerous improvements over the existing information service used by NYK, and is cheaper and has a far more extensive ‘reach’ to employees

Why this won

  • Uses wiki and RSS technology within the intranet to solve two critical business issues, on a global scale
  • The News Room provides a valuable blueprint for global news communication, syndication and collaboration
  • It’s achieved cost-savings through reducing the number of subscriptions to printed journals, replacing them with a wider variety of online offerings that reach more employees
  • The News Room saw widespread take up by employees and encouraged further participation

Nice one guys!


5 thoughts on “Congratulations to NYK”

  1. Congratulations Euan and NYK! Care to go into it a bit in terms of the technology? Is it out of the box? Did you skin it? What platform are you using? I can appreciate it if it’s confidential.


  2. Congratulations are definitely in order. We really liked this entry. We’ll also soon be publishing a video interview with Alek and Rupert. @Cormac, full details, including the process and thinking behind it, have been published and made available here, together with similar detail on all 10 winners and a further 7 commended entries. There’s some inspiring work featured right across the Awards.


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