I want more mess and more time-wasting

If I were running a business I would want as many social tools as I could cram in and as many people using them as possible.


Because then I would get more mess and more time-wasting!

Why do I want more mess and more time wasting?

Because one man’s mess is another man’s gold dust and getting my time-wasters to show themselves allows me to manage them out of the business!

4 thoughts on “I want more mess and more time-wasting”

  1. Euanwith you pretty much all the way – down to the last clause, which seems to make the last paragraph self-contradictory. Care to resolve the "gold-dust" and "time-waster" dichotomy? Could it be that one man’s "time-waster" is another person’s "gold-miner?"


  2. Again, I’m with you on letting people have more freedom, and then managing them appropriate rather than trying to herd cats into being productive by banning them from things.But the way your post reads makes it sounds as if social tools are purely timewasting, which definitely isn’t the case, and I know isn’t your point!


  3. Actually, I think Euan is onto a very powerful analogy. For goodness sake, the image of dirty, smelly, grizzled men slumped over a stream, spending isolated hours panning for very small amounts of gold, over and over again as a means of personal fortune has quite a lot of potential clues to consider.The important point is that whatever the tools, that the ‘trail’ be traceable. For example, if Web 2.0 tools were included, they leave a ‘trail’ in the E2.0 toolset. Why? 2 reasons. It avoids the need to duplicate efforts (I hated having to double-post stuff) and it gives individuals the feedback to manage their focus (work vs. personal).


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