Interview with Dennis Howlett

A few weeks back I nattered to Dennis Howlett on The South Bank in London about Enterprise 2.0 and other social media related topics. Dennis has just posted the video on ZDNet. Let me know what you think.

Euan Semple on the New Web from Dennis Howlett on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Interview with Dennis Howlett

  1. I thought your responses were refreshingly free of jargon and hype – possibly reflecting the fact that you have had real-world experience in implementing what is termed Enterprise2.0.The other thing I found really interesting was that Dennis’ questions and comments both indicate that he doesn’t really think that E20 is "a crock" … but that there is a lot of dross kicking around about it at the moment.


  2. That 50 year thing stumped me also when you first mentioned it. Some nice comparisons. Interested to learn more on how you convince CEOs about why they should bother when the results can be so far off.


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