Teach a man to fish

It occurred to me that what I am doing when I find interesting people who point to interesting stuff, add them to my networks in the various social tools I use, then subscribe to the best of them in FriendFeed – is building a big fishing net with which to catch the good stuff of the web as it floats by.

2 thoughts on “Teach a man to fish”

  1. To quote the Cisco "Human Network" commercials that ran here in the states — "in the future people will subscribe to people – not magazines" — I have moved from RSS feeds to Twitter feeds, following what my favorite people are reading. Indeed, I now follow people not publications..


  2. Yes I thought that with Robert Peston’s blog on the BBC. I am more interested in him and what he says than the BBC. In fact I even thought it when there were rumours that the morning DJ on Radio 1, Chris Moyles, was rumoured to be getting the push. I would follow him to his own podcast at the drop of a hat.


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