Make someone else happy Dave

Make someone else happy
Dave Winer’s post today about How to help peace reminded me of a couple of new age/old age aphorisms.

If you want to be happy – be happy.

    Most of us say “I’ll be happy when…” “I’ll be happy when I am wealthy” “I’ll be happy when I am healthy”

    More often it happens the other way round – decide to be happy and there’s a good chance that your enthusiasm and sense of self worth will make you attractice to prospective employers and you will be successfull.
    Decide to be happy and you won’t have the same reasons for self hate and self abuse and you will look after your body and be healthier.

and the other was:

    If you want to experience joy, make someone else feel joyful: if you want to feel happy, make someone else feel happy. etc etc

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